New AEG Head of Sports and Entertainment With Some Great Rules for Marketing Success

By Paul Birdwell (

One of the more important tasks when putting together sponsorship deals is too make sure that both the event and the sponsoring company are on the same page in getting the most out of the sponsorship for everyone involved and that means the event and company need to forge a strong partnership that will lead to future success for both and with that in mind we recently ran across a news story on the head of sports and entertainment for AEG Europe, Kimberly Kriss, in which Kriss identified…

Six Rules for Marketing Success 


Kimberly Kriss’s six rules for Marketing Success, Marketing Week

1.  Know and listen to your customer now

2.  Building relationships based on giving versus talking

3.  Transparency, relevancy, consistency

4.  Take your customer with you on your Journey

5.  Sphere of influence

6.  Stay curious

Kimberly Kriss has provided some great advice here which is very important to follow because far too often after a sponsorship deal has been put together for an event and sponsor the sponsorship will begin to fall apart in subsequent years when both parties quit paying attention to what the sponsorship was really all about in the first place:

A Win – Win Situation for both the Event and the Sponsoring Company

The Marketing Week profile of Kimberly Kriss, head of sports and entertainment for AEG in Europe, is also a great read that is worth the time for anyone that has an interest in where sponsorship and data is going in the future which will rely heavily on utilizing Big Data to make sponsorships really pay-off for everyone involved in the sponsorship business.  


Profile:  Kimberly Kriss, AGE Europe, Lou Cooper, Marketing Week


“Tasked with making the sports and entertainment company AEG as big a name in Europe as it is in the US, senior vice-president of marketing Kimberly Kriss has built a team filled with data and analysis experts in order to profile its visitors and support and expand its assets and sponsors.

What do the US soccer team LA Galaxy, Wembley Arena and the Qatar National Convention Centre have in common? They are all part of global sports and entertainment company AEG, which owns or operates more than 100 venues worldwide. Its venues and events feature some of the world’s biggest superstars and attract millions of fans.

The crowds that packed the Barclaycard British Summer Time event, hosted by AEG Live and The Royal Parks in London’s Hyde Park in July, dancing to bands such as The Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi, were there in part because of Kimberly Kriss, AEG Europe’s senior vice-president of marketing, who joined the company in May 2012.

Kriss joined AEG from Interbrand and has experience in FMCG, property, retail and sport, a useful combination in her role of marketing various assets and focusing on AEG’s customers.

“The common thread throughout [my career] is you really need to understand who your customers are and then try to sell to them more often, in more places, but also continue to be relevant to them,” she says.”

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