Save Mart Supermarkets CEO Bob Piccinni Is Crazy Like A Fox When It Comes To Sponsorship!

By Paul Birdwell (

The northern California grocery store chain Save Mart Supermarkets’ CEO Bob Piccinni is a big believer in the power of sponsorship and the below Modesto Bee news article details how a company and event can working together build a long-lasting relationship that is a positive for everyone involved:

Save Mart savors NASCAR sponsorship, Joe Cortez, Modesto Bee


“What did Shakespeare say? A raceway by any other name still smells like burnt rubber?

Or something like that.

This weekend marks the 25th year of NASCAR's presence at Northern California's racing venue in Sonoma. In the early days, the track was called Sears Point. In 2002, Infineon Technologies acquired the naming rights. Weeks before last year's race, when Infineon announced it would not be renewing its deal, the track was simply rebranded Sonoma Raceway.

For all but three of those 25 years, however, one name has been constant — Save Mart.

And they said Save Mart Supermarkets CEO Bob Piccinni was crazy.

"Well, I'm not sure anybody ever used the term 'crazy' but I was told that it had never been done," says Piccinni of a grocery chain's sponsorship of a NASCAR event.”

There is NOTHING crazy about using sponsorship to drive a company’s brand with consumers and customers in the marketplace and anyone that is northern California this weekend will hear the Save Mart Supermarkets name over and over again in every imaginable form of media and all because of the decision of a CEO to make a long-term commitment to an event that hits home with his company’s customers.

Bravo to Save Mart Supermarkets CEO Bob Piccinni!

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