KIA and the Australian Open Producing Some Incredible "Sponsor Recognition" Numbers With Their Partnership

By Paul Birdwell (

With the Australian Open tennis tournament continued to be played over the next few weeks in Melbourne, Australia and with ESPN providing 100+ hours of live tennis on TV and WatchESPN…

ESPN’s 30 th Australian Open Starts Sunday Down Under, ESPN Media Zone

….there are dozens of stories in the media about some of the great sponsorship deals that the event’s organizers have put together including the below story on KIA’s involved with Aussie Open:

How KIA capitalizes on the Australian Open: 1 in 7 Australians recognize it as a sponsor, Myriam Robin, Leading Company


Check-out the incredible “sponsor recognition” that KIA has achieved by being a major sponsor of the Australian Open:

“More than 6.7 million Australians regularly or occasionally watch the Australian Open on TV, and luckily for lead sponsor KIA, almost a million of them intend to buy a new car this year, according to Roy Morgan.

The South Korean carmaker is recognized by one in seven Australians as a sponsor of the Australian Open, making it the runaway winner of brand associations from the Grand Slam.

Of Australians who watch the Australian Open, 40.8% associate KIA with the tennis – more than three times the number who associated next-ranked brands Nike and Adidas. And of all Australians 14 years or older, 14.5% make the connection.”


Of course, generating that kind of “sponsor recognition” doesn’t come cheap because in the next paragraph of the above story we learn that KIA spends….

“In Roy Morgan’s estimate, that means KIA is getting a fair bit out of the sponsorship, which media reports estimate is costing it a total $10 million a year in cash and cars until 2018.”

….and “$10 million a year in cash and cars” is a staggering amount of money but assuming standard vehicle prices and vehicle profit margins KIA would only need to sell something around…

20,000 vehicles

…..related to this sponsorship which is only 2% of the 1 million Australians that both watch the Australian Open every year and intend to buy a vehicle in the next year.


YES, that is the kind of ROI (Return on Investment) that makes great sense and Bravo to KIA and the Australian Open for putting together a great sponsorship deal that is a WIN – WIN for everyone involved.

Now back to watching the Australian Open!

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