Singapore Marathon Completes Impressive Sponsorship Deal With Their Current Title Sponsor: Standard Chartered Bank

By Paul Birdwell (

One thing we here at the Roaring Fork Agency like to keep an eye on are sponsorship deals done outside of North America which in emerging and fast-growing markets like Asia can be quite eye-popping in nature such as a recently completed deal for Standard Chartered bank to continue as the Title Sponsor of the Singapore Marathon.  Channel NewsAsia has the story:

Standard Chartered extends Singapore Marathon sponsorship till 2016, Channel NewsAsia

“Standard Chartered Bank has renewed its sponsorship of the Singapore marathon for another three years.

The deal, worth S$10.5 million, means the bank will remain as the event's title sponsor until 2016.

Sport Singapore’s chief executive officer Lim Teck Yin said that the event has played an instrumental role in propelling the Republic into the ranks of Asia's premier sports destinations.

He said: "Standard Chartered Bank has long been a valued partner of sport in Singapore, and her contribution through the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore exemplifies how a sports event could be grown over the years to reach out to young and old, and inspire people to live better through sport."

The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore began with just 6,000 runners in 2002 before reaching a peak of 65,000 runners in 2011.

Last year, 54,000 participants took part in the event.”


Converting the Singapore Dollar value of this 3-Year Title Sponsorship $10.5 Million Singapore Dollar deal makes it worth…

$8.38 Million US Dollars over Three Years


$2.79 Million US Dollars Per Year

….which is a very impressive sponsorship deal that dwarfs the kind of sponsorship Dollars that many marathons in America are now getting and asking for with their Title Sponsorship opportunities.

Kudos to Sport Singapore and Standard Chartered Bank for putting together this terrific long-term sponsorship deal!

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