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By Paul Birdwell (paul@roaringforkagency.com)

Following on our last RFA Blog post….

NASCAR Driver Solicits Sponsorship On Twitter and Gets Help...From Two Other NASCAR Drivers! - The NASCAR Sponsorship Problem....FOCUS!, March 2018

….we ran across a great blog post by the folks at Front Office Sports recently that details a NASCAR sponsorship deal with Go Bowling.  In the above RFA Blog post we talked about the importance of NASCAR teams and sponsors FOCUS on the demographic that is actually tuning into and watching NASCAR races on a regular basis and this sponsorship deal has FOCUS written all over it:

Why Go Bowling Turned to NASCAR to Help Grow Interest in the Sport, Front Office Sports, Kraig Doremus


“In the world of NASCAR, partnerships between teams and outside organizations are a key component to a race team’s success. From being a source of revenue to helping with marketing, when a team creates a healthy partnership with a business, both sides reap the benefits.

Veteran Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MENCS) driver Aric Almirola has continued his partnership with Go Bowling this season, while the company has also partnered with his Stewart-Haas Racing his teammate, up-and-coming NASCAR XFINITY Series (NXS) competitor Cole Custer.

For Go Bowling, which operates more than 3,000 bowling centers across the United States, there is a draw of being associated with both a veteran driver and young, new talent. The company will be on Almirola’s No. 10 Ford for the Watkins Glen MENCS race and on Custer’s No. 00 machine for the NXS race at Richmond Raceway in September.

“Aric (Almirola) is a veteran in this sport and has won races at the Cup level,” said Stewart-Haas Racing VP of Sales and Marketing Mike Verlander. “He’s an elder statesman when it comes to pushing brand messages and is professional. Cole is younger and represents many different brands very well. It’s part of the reason we assembled a two-pronged program. He can speak to the future of bowling as a young guy and millennial, and we get to reach a whole different crowd through Aric.”

The above is just music to the ears of anyone that loves a sponsorship deal that hits the Sweet Spot for everyone involved and Bravo to Go Bowling and Stewart-Hass Racing for putting together this terrific partnership that is doing what a sponsorship deal is supposed to do:

Create New Customers for the Sponsor!


The famous management consultant Peter Drucker had a great quote about what a business should be about and people putting together sponsorship deals should keep Drucker’s below quote in mind when working on new deals:

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”

The Roaring Fork Agency modified version of the above Peter Drucker quote is:

“The purpose of a sponsorship deal is to create lots of new customers for the sponsoring company!”


A report from ESP Properties (www.sponsorship.com) that we read earlier this year but didn’t comment on in the RFA Blog is always a great read on the direction of sponsorship in the coming year and below is a link to that report:

What Sponsors Want & Where Dollars Will Go In 2018, ESP Properties

A couple of slides in the above report from ESP Properties that really caught our attention are:


A terrific book that we have been passing around the Roaring Fork Agency recently is a must read for anyone that works in the fields of sponsorship, advertising, marketing, and public relations because its subject is such a huge part of marketing today and that subject is Digital Advertising and that terrific book is:

Ogilvy On Advertising in the Digital Age, Miles Young


Of course, for followers of advertising this book is a follow-on to the must read advertising book for decades now from founder of the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, David Ogilvy, who wrote Ogilvy On Advertising in 1985.


The author of Ogilvy On Advertising in the Digital Age, Miles Young, detailed in a recent interview what he was hoping to achieve with his book:

“Question: David Ogilvy’s Ogilvy on Advertising has been the bible for aspiring advertising and marketing professionals all over the world. Why did you write this book now and do you think it was the right time?

Young: I wanted to direct people back to David’s book because it still is the advertising bible. In the 1970s, David saw “an attempt to disentangle the eternal verities from the passing facts”. That is even more necessary now, and the digital revolution has changed so many things in a variety of ways. The point of this book is to say that the screenplay and the script may be different, but the process is very much the same. David believed in big, simple ideas, and one of the challenges of the digital age is that people have confused the medium with the message. In elevating digital platforms as we have, we’ve forgotten what really matters – what you say to people and how you say it to them.”

Miles Young is right on point here and recalls one of David Ogilvy’s great quotes that echoes throughout the new Ogilvy book:

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”


The above David Ogilvy quote goes to the heart of a great sponsorship deal meaning there’s little reason for a company to sponsor something unless it drives more customers to that company.

Now let’s watch the below terrific video on Ogilvy Habits that has great advice for anyone on how to run a creative company or any company for that matter!

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