IEG Reports That Fair and Festival Sponsorship Spending To Total $849 Million in 2013

By Paul Birdwell (

The IEG Sponsorship Report put out a very interesting news story this week on how Fair and Festival Sponsorship continues to grow albeit at a slow pace in the United States over the past several years.

Fair and Festival Sponsorship Spending To Total $849 Million in 2013, IEG


“When it comes to sponsorship spending on fairs and festivals, slow and steady may be the best description.

Burdened by the sluggish economy and tight marketing budgets, fairs and festivals have been one of the slowest growing sectors in recent years.  

And 2013 is no exception.

Sponsorship spending on fairs, festivals and annual events is expected to total $849 million in 2013, up 2.9 percent from 2012.

The increase lags spending on arts (3.3 percent); associations (4 percent); causes (4.8 percent); entertainment (5.1 percent) and sports (6 percent) as well as the projected 5.5 percent increase for the overall sponsorship industry.

While spending growth trails other sectors, fairs and festivals continue to draw interest from corporate marketers looking to build their local presence, engage consumers and drive sales.”

A “2.9 percent” increase in Fair and Festival Sponsorship over the past year is still decent growth in a sluggish economy and people that are tasked with finding sponsorship for fairs and festivals need to get out ahead of the curve and get their Sponsorship Presentations in to potential corporate sponsors by the Fall of each year for next year’s event because that is when most of sponsorship and advertising dollar decisions are made by the larger companies doing business in your community.

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